As I approached the lizard fuck his grin leaked out around his face in an expression of nasty satisfaction. Which made it all the more shocking when the top of his head came off. Everything froze for a moment as everyone finally noticed the human swaying slightly a few meters behind the former constable, steaming riftpistol hanging from his hand. All I heard was Tom yelling "fuck yeah!" from behind me and then everything erupted. 

I remember jumping to cover Kath's body while she got her bearings back. I remember bringing my array to bear on the Stick that had snuck up on me. I locked on, found her frequency and hit her off button. Normally, Shivers will only deaden the nerves in the target area, maybe knock a fucker out if you hit them in the head. Pretty harmless unless you're a Lith, who tend to not survive getting shot for some reason. I've done some work on mine though, and these fucking people had upset my calm. So my Shiver reduced every nerve in her body to scar tissue before she had time to register she was dead. 

I swung back around to pick my next target only to see what appeared to be the wobbly human spinning around the Port in the intermittent flash of his riftpistol. It was mesmerizing, bodies dropped from ships in a rain of viscera and liquefied shot. By the time Kath had come to there was nothing left but the clean up and none of us were in the mood to wait for sanitation. 

The Guard swayed around and faced us. Past the blood, crazed hair and wide, twitching eyes, I just managed to recognized the haunted look of the poor fucker I'd Dusted at the lab before he fell to the ground. Blood pouring from the gutshot he'd earned apparently saving our asses. 

The End

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