Caught in the FomentMature

"You must be Kl'atkathen, the Teshorii. Where is the good 'Captain'." I didn't like the way he said any of that. I could hear the hate dripping off his teeth. It didn't get better when he turned and looked me in the eye from a hundred meters. "Ritt'lkt Tklt'it, Captain of the Pirate Vessel Indra's Net.  You and your crew are under arrest for the manufacture and distribution of controlled substances in Protectorate territory, destruction of Protectorate property and attempting to foment sedition. By order of Keeper Galtri Voxis you are bound by Law." 

Every word that dropped out of him landed like a tsunami. The Board of Discipline doesn't arrest people for sedition, this fucker was here to kill us. And I don't even remember the last time I did any fomenting. 

Kath was at him like a shot, but he was ready. A pair of tails whipped out of his robes and slapped her out of the air in clear disdain. I went to leap down and give that scaly despot-shit a corrective maiming when I heard the whir of a standard issue Orderly powering up next to my head. I noticed too late the figures moving in the shadows outside the ships. So much for preparing for an ambush.

"Slowly lower your weapon and descend to ground level or together you and I will turn this port into an art show." The propensity of reality to pile on at the worst possible moments never fails to amaze. I lowered my array and climbed down the side of the S.S. Compensation, frantically thinking for an out. 

The End

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