Tactical LagMature

We cleared the few short streets between Phaa's and the port quickly, keeping low and staying alert for any sniffers on patrol. The bit before the fighting is always the hardest for me, the combination of impatience and fear makes my carapace feel tight. As we approached the Barrier around the port I grabbed a few sticks of Lag from my stash and passed one to Kath. I don't believe in fighting fair, and the proper ratios of the right drugs is about as close to cheating as you can get without a debug menu. Lag is especially good for this sort of thing, heightens your senses, sharpens your focus and increases nerve conductivity by about 250%. Hence the name, from the inside it makes the whole world seem suspended in syrup.

Kath slid through the air like a dancer, tossing the Holemaker just far enough ahead of her that the Barrier seemed to yield to her. Just like that we were in. Tom stirred nervously on my back, which thanks to the rapidly activating Lag felt the like universe itself pressing me into battle. I topped him off and skittered out around the perimeter to see if I could get a better vantage on the Net. Meanwhile Kath sped down the main run to surprise the unit of Guards no doubt dug in to meet us.

From the top of some shitsouled trader's private skiff (all the extra cupholders and gaudy platinum trim to finish) I finally got sight of the Indra's Net. Just in time to see Kath sputter confusedly up to the lone, well dressed Reptillian waiting in front of my boat. So I turned up my audio-receptors and listened in. 

The End

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