Obligatory Arming SceneMature

Fi had to get back to her current employer and we had to get the fuck underway so we didn't waste much time on goodbyes. We're a crew of interstellar criminals and she's a well respected merc, we'd either see each other again or we'd pay our respects and tell the other's story between stars. Kath got me kitted with a weapons array and weight harness and we strapped Tom to me, flech-caster in hand in case he managed enough coherence to cover me. Most people think that the benefit to having multiple manipulator limbs is more guns, but that's very rarely the case.

Its hard to coordinate multiple trajectories and targets in the shit, even as heavily tricked out as I am. So instead of weapon diversity, my people specialized in weaponizing more complex tech. Our weapons don't (usually) do much immediate damage, but they are quite adept at taking people out of combat and disincentivizing their return. Not like Kath, whose tentacles unfurled a wondrous display of monowire whips and wicked leaf shaped blades. Her people preferred to get inside their enemies range and make them briefly but deeply regret their life choices. 

Phaa has the structural integrity of... well of a loose collection of mycothreads so zie pretty much just scrunches into a ball and hides in my bag when it gets too hot. Not all ambush predators make good fighters, fancy that. Probably for the best, "combat-basking" doesn't sound like a thing I'd want to be privy to.

We finished getting our shit together, did a final check and settled into bad-guy mode. Kath slipped into her favorite nook in my thorax and we stepped into the deepening night. 

The End

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