"I'll touch base with you guys as soon as I can. Wish me luck." The comm cut out just in time for the room to fill with a rolling pink light and a delighted buzzing sound. Apparently Kath had got to the bit where she went action hero on the Guard. I was finally starting to calm down, probably due to Phaa's sporecloud kicking in. It was a welcome reprieve.
"Well my fellow degenerates, it looks like Tom has some non-negotiable ass to whup tonight, so we're snug up here for a half hour or so. Let's see what sort of plan we can sling together to get back to the ship and off this angry little rock. Kath, I need a beat, will you let Grrk know that we're off and away tonight and we might be coming in bloodslick." I found Grrkish locked in a mag field at a N*ki-Xilat research facility I was raiding for exotic compounds. They thought she was a prospective crystalline fuel source so they'd locked her away in isolation to study. I busted her out and in return she spliced herself into The Indra's Net's computer and keeps it from stranding us between stars. Turned out to be a hell of an engineer for a big shiny rock.
I rolled head down on the hammock I keep with me. Most people don't have much in the way of comfortable seating for my kind, and Phaa doesn't bother much with seating at all. Kath bobbed over to the far end of the room to touch base with Grrk and Phaa turned a rich, clear indigo. "I thought we had at least another half cycle here, do you think someone sold us out?" It's always a little weird when Phaa starts feeling strongly, zie has a habit of passing those feelings into zir spores, and thus into everyone else in spurting distance. I was just starting to calm down, the sudden rush of depression and paranoia was about as welcome as the guard would be right then.
"Don't worry about it Doc, sometimes the snouts just get lucky, you know?" It was hard to be convincing when every hair on my body was screaming that they where looking for us, an intuition backed up by all of the EM-receptive hairs I have tuned to various security frequencies, but Phaa seemed to relax.

The End

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