"Riddle! What's going on? I'm getting ready for a fight." Tom's voice always seems strangely hollow over comm.
"I walked in on a couple of Guards searching the lab. Things went side ways, I sent one on a hard trip and Kath laid the other out pretty bad. We've worn out our welcome on this rock. Get to Phaa's, we're riftbound." I hate hitting the eject button like this, we were only a few weeks out from just sliding out with a comfortable, freshly refitted hull around us to be embraced by the Void. I'm never at home like I am between stars, and I loathe going home in such a panic.
"Are you guys secure? These aren't the kind of folks I can just... forfeit and shake hands on my way out. I fight in five, give me maybe, hmmm half an hour? To take this fucker apart. I haven't heard of 'em before, but it shouldn't be too bad." He sounded concerned, not a common tone for my martial metal friend. This could be a long night.
My breathing ports adjusted to accommodate my anxiety. "Yeah, we should be fine, Phaa has a pretty solid screen over this place, and I don't think they have anything to lead to us." I couldn't help but chitter a bit from the nerves. I love throwing down with the long rotted appendage of the law, but my people are not built for prolonged adrenaline highs and my copious cache of chemical coping devices was proving insufficient to the task of keeping me from freaking the fuck out. I could feel the Guard passing their attention slowly over the area, sniffing for any hint of us.

The End

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