Rallying the troopsMature

The inside of the flat was pretty minimal in terms of furnishing, but being the residence of a psychadelically augmented fungal feild medic, the atmosphere was incredible. The small front room had every visable surface covered with layer upon layer of mulitcolored splashes of lumina. Heady aromas; sweet, clean, rich and earthy; laden with a plethora of very slighty psychoactive spores. Entering a residence of Phaa's is a tacit agreement to a really fantastic trip. It's the most delightful experience if you can forget what you're breathing. Perfect for the kind of philosophically broadminded folk that make up our jolly ol' crew.
"What's the rush Riddle?" Phaa shuddered at me. Zir people speak by carefully vibrating their bodymass, which tends to give them the look of agitated candyfloss when they speak.
I muttered something paranoid about "fucking sniffers" and had Kath recount the sordid tale of our micro-bust turned escape, from me leaving to drop off some product and grab snacks to our courageous escape by way of life-changing list of felonies, so I could step to the side to call Tom in. Pausing breifly so Kath could hasitly divest me of the remembered snacks.
Tom's an android that got "liberated" in a Tamatakashi revolution out by Sol. Synthetic rights are great and all but Tom was a Domestic, designed to be as human as possible whilst still being made of metal; digestion, sex distinction, even physical development. His family got him because they were barren and wanted to raise a son. A little boy had his family taken away because some rich assholes he didn't know liked to keep clones around to harvest and built slave intellects to run their shady fucking businesses. Even righteous fights have refugees and Tom, like so many others, grew up wandering in dark places.
Some of the highs available to his ilk are pretty harsh and by the time I stumbled into his path he was pretty badly beat up. So I took him in and showed him some cleaner highs, got him repaired, helped him get set up. He had long ago worked out that he liked Blackstakes fights, so we kitted him out for brawling and started spreading his name to the right people. Now, pretty much wherever we go he can get paid to maim and murder for the benefit of the wicked wealthy, which means I can find a client base and we can put up sails for a while. 

The End

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