Phaa was set up out by the port. Zir species isn't exactly known for its ambulatory prowess, so we try to make sure zie doesn't have to go much farther than the occasional five minute odyssey to the ship when we have to extricate ourselves. The lights were out when we got there but Phaas a mushroom, so that doesn't mean much. I pinged zir on my comm and waited for the door to unlock. Kath stiffened and twirled nervously next to me; sirens in the distance. Odds were good one of those Guards was in shape to get word out by now, though the other would probably be occupied with the weirdspace in his head till somebody Cleanses him. Just had to hope we had time to get everyone bugged out before they caught up to us. They'd be waiting for us at the port, but we'd have to cut that line when it snagged.
By the time the door opened Kath and I were well on our way to a shared paranoid breakdown. I had given a world-shattering dose of medical grade hallucinogen to one Public Guard and Kath had KO'd another by bitchslap. Even without the laundry list of drug charges the sniffers were now more than justified in pursuing, those were enough to see our whole merry little band peppered about the Protectorate Penal Mining Network. It was easy to be agitated.
Phaa had been basking, the combination sleep/feeding/masturbatory experience that the Aasshhifith spend most of their diplomatic effort trying to convince the rest of us isn't creepy to do in public. So the rich purple luminescence that zie greeted us with, while as breathtaking as any of Phaa's many glorious glows, had the added flavor of walking in on your buddy covered in snack dust and autoerotic ejaculate.

The End

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