I don't tend to keep much in my stash. A couple hits of the crowd favorites, some creds, some protein and a few random gadgets I've stumbled upon over the years. It really must have been quite the disappointment to the dosed guard's partner, who had manged to crack it. Though it was hard to tell past the shock and confusion caused by my barging in. Shock and confusion that were then immediately compounded by the timely ambush of Kath, my power-armored, cephalopoidal friend and business partner.
Watching Kath fight is an interesting dilemma. To one side, she's a tiny terrifying cthulian nightmare in a termium alloy deathsuit/habitat. To the other, the Teshorii fighting art is strongly reminiscent of an extremely one-sided slapfight, all flapping metal tentacles and inkshot. I have to respect the Guard somewhat, he did his damnedest, even put up a good fight. But Kath fights by particularly aggressive attrition, everyone goes down eventually.
*Where the fuck have you been?!* Her creepily sweet voice rang in my head as we tied the incapacitated guard into my hammock. The Teshorii are telepaths, kitted themselves out with an engineered extra lobe when communicating with other species normally proved difficult.
"How the fuck was I supposed to know it was raid?" My stash disappeared rapidly into assorted pockets.
*What, you want me to leave a scarf on the door if we're being ransacked?* We clattered hastily through the apartment, gathering the necessities.
"Fuck it, it's done now. Let's go see Phaa and regroup our shit. We'll rally the troops and fuck away off somewhere more welcoming." I gave the Guard in the den another dose of Dust for good measure and disabled the door on the way out. It probably wouldn't buy us much time but slapping dashes has been known to sting as the man said.

The End

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