The drug-fueled sci-fi adventures of Riddle and the crew of the Indra's Net. Very much wip.

Astraldust is a hell of a drug. Exposure to mucus membranes produces powerful visual, tactile, and auditory hallucinations in most species. I've heard a lot of people say it brings you closer to some kind of universal spirit or consciousness or whatever. I just get pretty colors and songs and it makes protein shakes taste amazing. That isn't what I was thinking of as the guard drew his stunner. I don't think he had considered that his search of my sophisticated pharmaceutical lab/shitty apartment would turn into a raid, a surprise that gave me the opportunity to turn his raid into a drug trip.
See, the other thing about Astral is that the sensory effects are potent enough that it tends to cause an extreme bodily dissociation. Out of body experiences. Hence the name. So when the guard took six very pure, very flash transdermal candies to his face it probably wasn't long before he was reconsidering the choices that had brought him to my lab that day.
He went slack before his stunner was clear of its holster, and was on the ground before I had managed to get it away from him. To his credit he was glaring bloody murder at me right up till he blissed out and started drooling on my rug. I nabbed his commbadge to keep his stunner company on their forthcoming adventure into the 'stripper and made my way to my room to empty my safe.

The End

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