The First Riddle

"Sure?" Asked Rachel quizzically. This man had appeared out of nowhere and instead of trying to mug her or hold her ransom he wanted to know if she liked... riddles?

"Should ye write what ye see and not what thou knowst, or write that which though knowst and not what ye see?"

"What sort of riddle is that?" she asked indignantly. It wasn't like one's she'd heard, like 'What is full of holes but still holds water?' or anything of like. 

"I take it you do not have the answer, then?" he smiled patiently.

Rachel scowled. Obviously, whoever this guy was, he was very insightful and clever.

"Repeat it."

"Should ye write what ye see, and not what thou knowst, or write that which thou knowst and not which ye see?"

She took a moment to sort through all of the medieval wording and considered the true question. Would you write what you knew, and ignore what you saw? Or write what you saw but ignore all that you knew?

The man smiled- he could almost see the gears in the spitfire of a female's literal red-head as she slowly picked up the objects which were partially in question. In fact, he could.

"I think it depends," she said finally. "Or a mixture of the two."

His grin grew wider.

"Correct, little miss. If you write which you know and not what you see, you may as well be writing blind propaganda. But if you write just what you see and not which you know, in quite a different situation, you could be doing the same. And for that, you gain my name."

"Uh... okay?"

"I am Grien. You may find that in reccent times, mentions of this name may be useful. Come back in seven days time if you wish to hear another riddle."

Next Friday.

Sure, why not, Rachel mused to herself.


With that, his bright blue eyes twinkled and he seemed to disappear.

The End

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