Four Gold Pieces

Ruben followed tentatively behind the now determined Fion. He couldn't help but feel out of place and noticed for it. As Fion rudely pushed through people and shoved strangers aside, Ruben nodded his head in disgrace for the strangers' mortified looks and disgusted stares. Ruben looked down at himself every once in awhile and smelled his shirt. He had to admit, he did kind of smell and look like a wet dog. 

The statue was farther off than Ruben expected, thinking that it couldn't be much larger than his mud-dome back home. Home. Ruben felt sad suddenly. Ralfs was lost and now he was too. What sort of land had they come to that was guarded with so many mysterious and untrustworthy glances? They must have really hit the big money here if they had all these natives to guard it...

Fion suddenly snapped Ruben out of his reverie. "As the crow flies, I predict ten more minutes to the statue. But seeing as we are not crows, I'm going to estimate twenty minutes." Ruben nodded and continued to follow Fion at her brisk pace.

As the Fion and Ruben sped-walked it took fifteen minutes to reach the nearest point to the statue. However, they were on land and the statue was on an island in the middle of of a great body of water. Ruben considered the swim and the temperature of the water and decided that it wasn't worth it. Fion was already ahead of him.

"There's a ferry not far from here," she said as she scanned the area with her spyglass. "No real ships though. Pity. I would have liked to buy myself a new ship and crew." With that the young pirate woman walked off in the direction of the ferry boat.

Just as she was about to board, however, the captain of the boat stopped her. "Ticket?"

Fion cocked her head to the side. After a moment of hesitation and the captain waiting expectantly with his hand outstretched, Fion's face lit up with understanding. She quickly took off her right leather boot and dumped out its contents into her hand. Out came four shiny metal objects. Ruben peered over Fion's shoulder at the beautifully resplendent pieces of gold. Was this treasure? 

Before Ruben had the chance to study such shiny objects, however, Fion flicked one to the surprised captain of the ferry and shoved the rest into her boot. The man turned the little round object in his hand. 

"Where did you get this?" he asked.

"Never you mind," Fion answered. 

"Well I can't take it," the ferryman answered as he offered the gold back to Fion. "I need a ticket, not hidden treasure." With that the ferryman looked the pirate up and down, chuckled, turned around and boarded the boat. 

Fion was outraged. 

The End

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