Found Map

Fion was disliking this place more and more. The whole place reeked of fumes, so much that she had a hard time breathing. While there weren’t too many people walking around, the few that she did she had on some pretty obscure clothes. And she really disliked it.

As she looked around, she spied a familiar scrap of paper, blown across the beach.

“Hey! The map!” She ran over and snatched the sandy paper off the ground. It was still slightly damp and Fion took care not to rip it as she wiped off the last bits of sand. But when she looked at it a again, it no longer was a map of the ocean. The illegible inky scrawlings began growing throughout the paper, revealing another map, with hasty notes written all over it. Fion’s eyes were opened wide. Was this map charmed? This treasure had to be big.

“I suppose we follow this map?” She suggested, immediately digging into those messily written notes.

One said something of a... statue?

Statue... That sounded familiar... Was that green thing what it was talking about? She squinted at it thoughtfully.

“Ruben? Do you think that looks like a statue?”

There was a pause as Ruben stared at the green thing.

“It looks like a really big statue.”

Fion nodded.

“Well let’s go then.”

She set forward walking towards the statue, trying to ignore the terrible smelling air. More and more people began crowding the road. And they smelled.

The End

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