The big yellow tortoise

Ruben looked up to the sky as the almost completely nude woman groaned and began to roll over onto her side. She was a fleshy middle-aged woman and as she rolled over, Ruben observed her flabby underbelly sag as the weight transferred off of it and to the side. On her head was some sort of wide-brimmed hat. As the woman peered from underneath it, her expression turned sour.

"What? What do you want?"

"Woman, where are your clothes?" Fion asked in disgust. The woman only gave Fion a disgusted look in return. "Never mind," Fion said. "That's of little consequence. Tell me, what is at the green statue?"

The woman looked from Ruben to Fion in repugnance. She only shook her head then and rolled back onto her belly, resting her head back onto the colorful piece of cloth she lounged on. Fion gave Ruben a sideways look as the woman muttered something about "stupid street performers" and "young pranksters".

Ruben started walking away before Fion could start threatening the woman with her knife. It was obvious the woman was either ignorant of the answer or was too stubborn to give it up. Ruben was puzzled by the strange presence of the green statue. They must worship it, Ruben concluded. It's their deity. 

As Ruben finally left the sand behind him and stepped onto dry, solid ground, Fion joined him. "I already hate this place," Fion muttered. "I just hope this treasure is worth it."

Ruben only nodded and continued walking along the patch of black ground. Ruben frowned. This black ground was strange. Ruben bent down and put his hand on the hot surface. Nearby, Ruben found a rock he assumed to have come from the black ground. Ruben put it in his mouth and rolled it around with his tongue, biting it and tasting its strange flavor and texture. Eventually Ruben spit the little grey-black rock out and stuffed it in his shirt pocket where Ralfs had once been.


"Do you always do that?" Fion asked, staring at Ruben in distaste. "Eat rocks, I mean."

Ruben didn't seem to hear Fion. Where had Ralfs gone? His poor guinea pig, lost forever! It was unimaginable! 

Suddenly the sound both Fion and Ruben had been hearing since their arrival got louder. Ruben turned around. Far in the distance a figure could be seen getting closer and closer...

It was a giant yellow tortoise! Ruben stared in amazement as the tortoise, about ten hands tall rushed towards him at a speed greater than Ruben could have ever imagined. As the tortoise got closer and closer, Ruben realized it wasn't actually a tortoise, however, before he could examine it to tell exactly what it was, Ruben was shoved off of the side of the hard ground and into the sand. The giant tortoise whizzed by, leaving Ruben only disappointed and sad with a flustered pirate woman standing over him. 

Ruben was about ready to go home.

The End

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