There was a brief pause as both of them began thinking. Fion assessed the situation quietly. So she found this map, and went after the treasure labeled on this map, just to be swallowed up by a waterfall and washed up on a mysterious beach with no one and nothing but that stupid rat lover. What fun.

“Well, I think we should check out that green statue thing first.” She said with a small nod. Let’s start out with obvious landmarks. Fion nodded to herself again. good idea. She brushed the last traces of sand from her clothes and arranged herself so that she would look more presentable. There obviously seemed to be other people there as well.

They set out, walking along the sandy beach. Fion kept on hearing that awfully loud noise that rang out from all over the place and she hated it. Wherever they were, she was getting out of it as soon as she got her hands of the treasure. As they were walking, Fion sighted a figure walking in the distance.

“A person!” She exclaimed, “That should be good news right?”

She forced Ruben to walk faster, but as they approached the figure, Fion’s nose wrinkled into disgust. What was that person wearing? It was a middle aged woman, lying on the ground sleeping. The sun was beat down on her bare back. Fion tried to find a hint of clothing and could only see strings wrapped around her back and underpants, which were also completely stringy. Even as a woman, Fion had to look away disgusted. What kind of place did they stumble upon? A whorehouse?

“Excuse me?” Fion said, poking the lady gingerly with her toe. “Where are your clothes?”

The End

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