The Green Giant

Ho! Pain ripped through his skin!

Ruben's cheek tingled with the burning sensation of flesh meeting flesh at a speed greater than Ruben could calculate on his fingers. Ruben's eyes burst open and he coughed up the salty water that had accumulated in his lungs. Fion was kneeling next to him and watching him with a look somewhere between determination and anger. Ruben groaned and rolled over in the warm sand. He hated sand.

"Ruben, where the hell are we?"

In response Ruben only tried spitting out the gritty sand from his mouth. This time Fion waited patiently for an answer.

"Should I know the answers to these questions? We just fell many many feet down a waterfall!"

"Don't talk back to me!" Fion snapped as she stood up, her hair falling in long cascades of wet, sandy blonde hair. She grimaced. "I'm sorry, that sounded bad. It's just that I don't know where the rest of my crew is, let alone my ship. Curse the skies for dropping us down on this cold patch of dirt!" 

Ruben stood up then and attempted to brush the wet sand off of his skin. "It's strange... I wonder where we are." Ruben walked towards the cold waters that lapped up onto the shore. He stared off in the distance. Something felt different here. It sounded different. 

"Hang on a minute!" Fion shouted after Ruben as he started walking along the shore. "Ruben, you are NOT leaving me!"

Ruben kept walking, searching for whatever sound he was hearing. It sounded like waves crashing on the shore, only it was different and quieter and sporadic. Behind Ruben, Fion followed in the hopes that he might lead her to the treasure. Finally Fion noticed what Ruben had and took out her spyglass. What were those shapes in the distance?

The sound seemed to be coming just off of the beach where there was some sort of movement. Farther away were rectangular prisms stacked up alongside each other. And even more curious was the greenish giant standing out in the sea. It's arm was raised as if in salute to their arrival.

"You think it's guarding the treasure?" Ruben asked, staring transfixed at the giant person. "You think it can see us?"

"Of course not," Fion said in a quiet voice filled with amazement. "That's just a large statue. The real question should be, where on earth are we?"

The End

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