Fion stretched out her arm to grab a rope as they fell.

“Grab something. And don’t let go!” She shouted, hanging onto the rope tightly. The ship hung in the air for a second, before it plunged straight down into the sea beneath. The black waters of the sea opened up and swallowed the entire ship along with the crew. The world became black.


The first thing Fion noticed when she woke up again was the wonderful feeling of warmth flowing through her veins. She felt sand beneath her and she slowly crawled up to a sitting position. She wiped the sand off her soggy clothes and looked around. Where was she? She groaned as she pushed herself up.

“Jacob?” She shouted, wincing at the hoarseness of her voice. “Jacob!”

There was no response. Where was her first mate? Fion looked around. Where was her ship? She stumbled down the beach until she saw another figure washed up on the shore. Fion collapsed beside the body.

“Jacob?” She mumbled, shaking the body. “Wake up, Jacob.”

The body rolled over and revealed the pale face of Ruben. Fion made a face and jumped back.

“Dammit.” She muttered.

The End

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