So up north, apparently it was cold. Fion was not notified of this and as she steered through the icy cold seas of the north, she could only hope that the treasure was near. And big.

“Captain. W-we sight a c-c-cave.” The lookout shouted, not without stuttering at he shivered in the cold.

“Take her in!” Fion shout was a wave. If the map was right, then this would be where the treasure was. Now finding the treasure itself would be a whole other adventure, but for now, they needed to get on land. An start a fire.

It just had been snowing a few minutes ago and ship was covered in a layer of fluffy white snow. The crew was shivering and many were huddled together in a little groups, trying to stay warm. After all those years of experience, this cold was still a shock. It was something they had never been in before.

The cave was wide. It seemed to be a hole carved into a glacier. They floated quietly into the cave. The noise of running water echoed off the walls and chilled the crew even more than the snow. It was a hollow noise. One that sounded with no end.

“Lower the sails! Take it easy!” Fion shouted, wincing slightly at the loud echo of her voice. It was less cold in here, no wind to bite at the face. But it was still chilling. But as they floated through the dark tunnel, Fion sensed that something didn’t feel right.

“Jake! Something is wrong!” She shouted. The lookout could only respond with a small sigh.

“Sorry Captain, it’s too dark! I can’t see anything.”

Fion nodded and watched straight ahead into the darkness, thinking. The breeze was picking up and suddenly it struck her. She cursed loudly as she scrambled to the deck.

“Positions!” She shouted. “We have a waterfall to deal with!”

The End

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