On deck

The woman god named Captain Fion turned and walked briskly away. Ruben was about to follow her when he remembered he left Ralfs inside his home. Ruben ran back in and scooped the furry little creature up in his shaking hands. He was leaving Lienthra to travel with gods! How long, Ruben had no idea, but he had a feeling he would not be back for a long time. Would he ever see his little mud-dome again?

Ruben did not allow himself to linger over it a second longer. Ruben would be glad to be rid of the condemning stares and rude remarks of the Mountain City people. Besides, Captain Fion was probably getting impatient with him. Ruben hightailed out of his old home to greet his new one. Fion had not stopped to wait for him, and was almost near the shore.

Finally, Ruben caught up and was immediately shoved into a dinghy. As two other men sweated over the oars of the boat, Ruben watched as the massive floating building drew nearer and nearer. Ruben was awestruck. Never before had he seen anything so complicated and magnificent. It must have taken a great deal of work to build, Ruben thought.

Suddenly the row boat was hooked up to some ropes, and to the man's astonishment, was lifted into the air. Not long later, hands grasped Ruben by the arms and he was hoisted to the deck of the ship. Ruben eventually found his balance and looked up to find he was surrounded by an odd group of characters. Most of which stared at him with menacing looks and pointed their long knives at him. Ruben's elated feelings concluded there.

"Who be you?" an man with a long and gnarled beard snarled, jabbing his knife at Ruben. "Be you friend or foe?"

"Not to worry! This man is my honorary guest!" Fion replied from behind the crowd. Fion waited until she had her entire crew's attention. "He's a bit of a primordial being, if you know what I mean. Despite this, he's just given us a map to treasures unheard of! I'm pleased to say we are back in business!"

With this, the crew cheered and shouted a racket. Fion let her crew have their fun before holding up her hand to silence them. "Ruben here is now a part of the crew. You will treat him like crew. He will work like one of the crew. Ol' Jack, you will be responsible for showing him the hands for now."

"Capt'n, he seems to have brought a rat on board. Should we kill it?" the man presumably named Ol' Jack shouted from Ruben's left. Ruben blanched white. They couldn't kill Ralfs.

"Guinea pig," Ruben spoke up before anyone could sentence Ralfs to his cruel fate. "Guinea pig," he repeated. "He's a very docile creature."

Fion nodded. "Keep your pet under control and it can keep its life..." For a moment nothing was said and the crew waited expectantly for Fion to say something else. Eventually Fion's expression turned sour. "Well? What are you all gawking at?! To work with you! Back to your posts! We've got some treasure to find!"

With that, the crowd erupted into action and Fion disappeared, leaving Ruben alone with a grizzly man and his crooked smile. 

The End

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