“Capt’in, we sight a man!” One of the rowers shouted. Fion looked up. On the shore stood a lonely figure with a.... rat?

“Friend or foe!” She shouted.

“Friend!” The figure shouted back.

Fion nodded to the crew. They rowed forward once more.

Reaching the sandy shores of the island, Fion stepped off the boat and approached the lonely man.

“Excuse me sir, but do you happen to know if there’s anything, uh, interesting on this island?” Fion questioned, cautiously. Friend did not mean trustworthy. Never let down your guard.

“Interesting?” He paused for a moment. “I have a guinea pig.” He offered, holding out his hand.

“No! You idiot!” She hissed, groaning at that stupid offer. “Money. Treasure! You know. Shiny shiny!”

“I know what money is.” The man stared at her flatly.

“Do you have any?”

“I do.” He brought out a small empty pouch.

Fion sighed loudly, exasperated by the situation. This was not what she was looking for.

The End

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