Gods and a guinea pig

                Ralfs was just over three thumb lengths long, head to toe, and about the same thickness as Ruben's neck. He had coarse brown fur with white splotches, or white fur with brown splotches, depending on the outlook. Ralfs had an unusually loud cry and a nose that could twitch faster that a rabbit's nose. Ralfs was also a guinea pig.

            The lean, dark-haired man inspected his creature gingerly. Ralfs was getting fat, Ruben concluded. Ruben wondered what may have led to his sudden weight gain, then remembered all of the leftover gruel he had given Ralfs. Of course he was getting fat.

            Suddenly Ralfs screamed his high pitched whine and squirmed until he fell out of Ruben's fingers. Ruben scrambled after him in his panic, forgetting that they were on a boat and there was nowhere for Ralfs to go. Eventually Ruben caught a hold of the little cavy, nearly tipping their fishing dinghy in the process. Once Ruben caught his balance, he looked up. Nothing more surprising could have met his eyes.

            There, not far in the distance, was a large sort of building with big white squares lined up on top, simply floating on the ocean waters. Little boats, slightly smaller than Ruben's, started to move towards him. Ruben could feel his heart flutter. He couldn't tell whether he was nervous, scared, or just a little excited. What was this? No one had ever heard of people coming outside and into their land. They didn't even have a word for these people. No, that wasn't true. Ruben's people called them gods.

            Despite his shakiness and surprise, Ruben stayed astonishingly calm. He decided that the only logical thing to do was to pull in his nets and wait. Discovering his catch consisted of only two fish, Ruben sighed and let the fish go out of pity. Ruben then settled himself down and waited. Clutching Ralfs close to his chest, Ruben watched as the boats drew nearer and nearer. Hopefully the gods would be friendly.


The End

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