Fion: Land Ho!

When an 18th century pirate and a fisher land in modern day New York in search for treasure, things go crazy and they get thrown on the FBI wanted list. Now they want and need to get back to their own time. And it's urgent

Fion stood on deck gazing out at sea.

“Where are we heading?” She shouted.



For the past few months, Fion really didn’t have anything to do. She didn’t have a destination in mind at all. It was as if all of the fun of being a pirate got sucked out of life. No more treasure maps either. Right now, Fion decided that she would go north. People said there was something north. Something at the end of the world. Maybe riches. Or power. Or nothing. But for now, Fion couldn’t care less. She was bored and she needed something to do.



“We’ve sighted land!”

Fion nodded.

“Towards land then!”

The ship sailed forward quickly and land was nearing.

“Lower the boats!”

“Aye, capt’in!”

The row boats were lowered and Fion led a crew of men on. They rowed eagerly on shore. No one knew who lived here. But if they were friends, maybe some secret treasure could be found. And if they were enemies? Well, nothing was better than a good fight once in awhile. Plunder, loot and burn.


The End

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