A new beginningMature

Richard nodded "yes ma'am" he replied quickly. This caused a the corners of Mrs Travers' mouth to tip upwards. She was getting through to him it seemed, rather quickly too. She was impressed by the change in the boy's attitude. 

Richard carefully made his way back to his seat. He looked at the hard wooden dining chair with a frown. The last thing he wanted was to sit on anything, much less a hard wooden chair. However the question s till run in his head "I think you know what will happen if you do not?" So with clenched teeth he slid into the chair. He was just stubborn enough to try and not make a sound as his scorched flesh contacted the chair. A whimper escaped his lips, but no other sound. Turnips never tasted better than they did that night. Richard finished his meal without further incident.

When the meal was over Mrs Travers looked at the time. "Oh my it has gotten late. It is nearly time for little boys to be bathed and put to bed. Come now young man up to the bathroom" she stood and waited for Richard to do the same. She did not add that he would be put to bed after a bedtime spanking just to make sure he remembered his manners tomorrow. That surprise could wait until after his bath. 

The End

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