The dinner disasterMature

Richard covered himself up as soon as he saw Mrs. White.  She shook her head and chuckled, “Little boy, instead of worrying about hiding from me, you better get that sore little behind down to the dining room and pronto”.  As Richard passed her, she delivered a stinging swat to his sore bottom.  “now get a move on young man”.  Richard wanted to protest, but he was afraid he would get more swats so hurried to the dining room.  He passed two more servants on his way and heard them snicker and  frowned.  He also heard one of them say that it was about time that someone took a firm hand to the spoiled brat. 

As he entered the dining room, he quickly slid into his chair, not wanting anyone else to see his bare bottom or anything else.  He let out a whimper as soon as he made contact with the hard antique chair and wished he had thought to bring a pillow with him.  He looked up and noticed that his new governess was at the end of the table and looked around for his parents.

Mrs Travis noticed his looked and said, “Your parents had a dinner engagement, so its just you and me for dinner tonight Richard.  I hope you behave and eat everything placed in front of you.  I would hate to have to strap your bottom as I imagine it is very sore at the moment.”  Richard only nodded to her.  And of course, she saw the nod and replied, “I can not hear a nod young man.  Do we need to start the next lesson here and now”.  “nooooooooo”, said Richard.  “I understand”.

One of the servants then brought in a nice stew and placed a bowl in front of Richard.  He looked and saw that turnups were in them and without thinking, hit the bowl with his hand, saying “I hate this.” And too late he realized what he did as the bowl slid off the table and crashed to the floor.

Mrs Travis was up in an instant and suddenly, out of thin air it seemed, she had a tawse in her right hand, and Richard’s wrist in her left.  She dragged him to a chair and without any preamble, pulled him right over her lap.  She raised her arm high above her head and brought the strap down quickly across his cheeks, “SPLATTTTTTT”, Richard let out a blood curling scream and the spanking began.


The End

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