Waking Up Before DinnerMature

Richard sat up in his bed, breathing hard.  He looked around his room, and the familiar sight of its opulent furnishings and his expensive toys let him know he was back where he belonged.  The little hand on the wall clock had advanced another hour.  This, plus the angle of sunlight through the window and the rumblings in his belly told him it was almost dinnertime.  The welts on his backside started hurting some more right then, and he winced from the pain. 

As soon as he moved to get out of his bed, the book of fairy tales that he had been reading when he fell asleep slipped off the bed and fell onto the floor with a muffled thump as it hit the soft carpet.  He pulled the thick blanket and smooth linen sheet off of himself and was reminded that he was still bare from the waist down.  He thought about getting dressed again as he got off his big bed.  The pain in his rear end reminded him of why he shouldn't do that.

He stooped to pick up the book, thinking about reading some more before a servant rang the dinner bell.  When he got close enough to the book, he just stared at it.  The book had fallen open to a page with a picture of the evil witch character. Why had he not noticed how much his new governess resembled the witch in his book?  He must have read this book a hundred times before, yet even after spending the afternoon with Mrs. Travers, he never once spotted how much she looked like this witch until now.  He started to get excited, thinking about how if Mrs. Travers was really the witch, then his fairy godmother must be out there somewhere too!  He hoped she would arrive soon and vanquish the evil witch Mrs. Travers.  Then all would be right with the world.

He started to sit back down on his bed as his imagination took over his thoughts, but even his soft bed wasn't enough to cushion the soreness from the welts on his backside.  They were really starting to hurt in earnest now.  He tried a few other chairs in the room, but even the one with the softest cushions his rich father could buy was no help at the moment.  He vowed that once his fairy godmother was here, he would make a wish and ask her to make that evil Mrs. Travers pay for everything she'd done to him.  Maybe his fairy godmother would turn Mrs. Travers into a mushroom so he could stomp on her and then she'd be just as mushy as the apples he'd smashed earlier.  He'd then scrape her off his shoe while making a witty comment he had yet to think of.  Boy, would she be sorry!

His musings were interrupted by the sound of the dinner bell.  His first thought was he should get dressed properly for dinner, but again he thought better of it.  He'd been told he wasn't allowed to wear pants or underwear, and at least for the moment he didn't want to risk getting spanked again.  Perhaps the lessons were starting to sink in.  He also didn't want any of the servants to see him like this, so what was he going to do?  He decided he would try to sneak down to the dining room. He had a number of different routes he could take through the mansion to get there, and surely one of them would currently have a clear path with no servants to see him.

Richard thought ahead and very carefully opened his door to the hallway.  He stuck his head out and looked left and right to make sure no servants were in sight.  The coast was clear.  He quickly ran out of his room and turned toward the least used areas of the mansion, knowing he would be less likely to run into anyone.

He didn't even make it to the first hallway junction before his luck ran out.  Mrs. White, one of the senior maids, came around the corner and saw him.  He brought himself to a halt, blushing deeply.  He wondered what she'd say or do now that she'd seen him half naked.

The End

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