The Land of Nod....Mature

Richard woke up to the sound of birds chirping and bright sunlight all around him. The breeze of the wind, what was gong on he peeked from out from under his covers to stare in shock. His bed stood in the center of magical forest. "Good morning young master welcome to the kingdom of Nod." A silver mushroom with arms and legs, eyes and even a nose and mouth stood before him. "Here take these and put them on" the mushroom man said handing Richard a pair of undies. Richard quickly slid them on as he got out of his bed. "What? where am I? Is this real?" Richard stuttered as he stepped out of his bed. "We have no time the evil witch Ms Travers is coming."

Richard leaped out of bed and began to follow the mushroom  man through the forest. When suddenly a couple tree vines began to wrap around his limbs. "Help!! they got me! Help!" Richard cried out as another vine snapped against his butt with a loud smack, smack, smack, smack. Richard yelped in pain as he as spanked by the magical tree vine. The Mushroom man struggled to free the boy as he was spanked over and over again by the wicked tree vine. The mushroom man was at last able to free the wailing boy from the grasp of the magical tree vines and dragged him quickly through the forest. After traveling for what seemed like ages they both came out of the forest and ahead in the distance was a majestic gleaming castle. Richard wondered if he would find his fairy Godmother there. But just than a flash of light followed by gray smoke and standing before them dressed in tattered clothes was the evil witch Ms Travers. "Hehehe" she cackled evilly and with a snap of her finger the mushroom man was transformed into a regular to inch tall mushroom. "Now I have you my little pretty" Ms Travers cackled again. Richard stood frozen in fear unable to move as the witch stepped ever closer. She reached out for the boy and than he woke up.

The End

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