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Richard whined, glad that he was finally alone again.  But he was embarassed to be....well....bare.  He wasn't supposed to be finding ways around it, but he was certain that his governess couldn't complain too much at him reading.  So he finished the last line, then took his book and got in bed, slipping under the covers. 

His behind hurt too much, so he had to roll over on his stomach, propping his book up on the pillows.  The book he got was a collection of fairy tales.  He frowned as the good people got good things, and the bad ones got bad things.  How could he possibly have been bad enough to get Ms Travers?  Where was his fairy godmother to make this all go away?

He sighed and turned the page.  He was thirsty, but he didn't want to go out to get a drink.  And he didn't want to call a servant to bring him one.  Because that might bring Ms Travers, and he didn't want to get into any more trouble. He just wanted this day to be over. Or perhaps for his father to suddenly come home and save him.

Where was his father?  He saw him so rarely.  Surely he'd think that this woman was treating his son horribly.  Then she'd be the one getting hurt.  That would serve her right for all that she had done.  Or his mother....he missed them.  Why weren't they around more?  With all the servants he was never alone, and yet he missed the two people he wanted to see most.

Yes, this was his fairy tale.....he had to endure the wicked governess.  Then the good governess would come.  She'd be kind to him and teach him nice things.  And his parents would return home, and they would be one big happy family.  And then they would live happily ever after in the mansion.  The king, the queen, and the prince of their home, watched over by the wise and beautiful woman who would protect him from ever being hurt again.  Now wouldn't that be a beautiful ending to the tale?

The End

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