Not enough timeMature

This time he decided to sit on his knees as he started to write, hopefully letting him focus some more, 20 minutes was not much to write 6 lines if he had to look up every word and he knew he had to look them up if he wanted to stay under 2 mistakes. He was sure he would not be able to survive 12 strokes with that wicked implement.

Franticly he got to work, his mind racing to find the words to write and then flicking trough the pages of the dictionary to find the correct spelling.

Off course he lost all track of time as he worked, a few beats of sweat on his forehead as he got halfway to line 5 when his governess came in, panicking he looked up "It can't be 20 minutes yet, no way, I am not done yet"

"Not done yet?" the governess frowned "Richard, I expect my assignments to be done on time and correct, guess you will find out what a martinet feels like"

"No please miss, I did my best, there just was not enough time.. please not the martinet.. please..." the boy was blubbering on his knees in front of his governess but to avail, without another word Robert was picked up and found himself face down on the table, hes legs dangling over the side. Not even a minute later his bottom was bared once again. Again the boy started pleading, tears already flowing freely down his face.

The governess just shook her head as she picked up the martinet, keeping the boy in place with one hand she lifted the martinet in the other and brought it down across the top of the poor rich boy's globes leaving welted lines across the already dark red behind evoking a banchee like howl for the boy.

Each stroke of the martinet landing a little lower leaving a fresh set of lines and more howls from the boy until the harsh implement made contact with skin 12 times, leaving lines from the top of the globes all the way down to just above the knee hollows.

Miss Travers picked the now limp boy up from the table and carried him over to a rocking chair where she sat down with him in her lap till he calmed down enough to speak.

His governess tried to whipe the boys face dry but soon gave up as tears where till flowing "I do hope you have learned your lesson now but just in case I am going to safe myself some work and confiscate your pants and underwear, you can stay bare bottomed around the house until you manage to go at least a day without trouble, do not even try finding ways around it as I assure you, you will not like the results", Richard looked with disbelieve "But the staff will see me.. can't do that to me" -Wack- miss Travers' hand made contact with Richard bottom evoking another howl confirming that she indeed can do it to him.

Neveah Johnson (ir)

The End

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