One more chance!Mature

Robert looked up at the governesses face, then down at the martinet, and was sure that she meant business, and unless he thought very quickly, and came up with an idea that would satisfy her,  that horrible thing was going to be whipping down an on his bare bottom six times! He shuddered at the thought!

Miss, he said quickly, please give me just one more chance. The drawing was good wasn’t it?

I’ve never really been taught spelling, but I think there is a dictionary over there on that bookshelf.

If you gave me another few minutes, I’ll write my sentence all over again, and I’ll do my best to correct the spelling! Please don’t use the martinet on me!

She looked at the boy, she was tempted to believe in him, perhaps it was time now to show a little lenience, after all he had done well with the drawing.

Yes, she decided, a little lenience, but not too much!

Very well, she said. This is what we will do. I will give you a choice. You will have six strokes of this martinet on your bare bottom right now, or you will write some more for me, not just the few words you’ve given me already, but at least six lines of writing. And in those six lines, I will only accept two spelling mistakes. If you make more than two spelling mistakes, you will get 12 strokes of the martinet on your bare bottom!

So it’s your choice, six strokes now, or write some more for me and no more than two spelling mistakes.

What would you prefer??

Robert knew he really had no choice, his bottom was still sore after the last thrashing.

Thank you, Miss, he said. Thank you for giving me another chance. I will do some more writing for you.

That was a sensible decision, Robert, I will leave you again, and come back in 20 minutes time.

But this time, there will be no second chance, more than two spelling mistakes and your bottom will meet that martinet, and I warn you, it will certainly sting!


Kirstie Mercy

The End

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