Paddles and martinetsMature

Mrs Travers had been a governess for several years, and she wasn’t going to be beaten by one little boy of eight.

When she had applied for this job, she had researched the family and realised at once the sort of problem she would meet.

She wouldn’t have taken it, except she felt that although the boy was a little imp, it wasn’t all his fault, it was his upbringing, his parents were mostly to blame. Children have to be taught how to behave, and he hadn’t been taught, he had been left to do as he pleased.

She was sure that some of her methods correctly and patiently applied would make a huge difference! She wasn’t expecting a miracle and things to happen straightaway, but over the time, things would change!

She looked across at Richard, and give him his due, he was standing still, facing the wall, giving the occasional sniff.

Richard, she called feeling mildly, gentlemen don’t sniff! Now turn around and come over here. Your ten minutes are up.

She waited till he was standing in front of her.

Stand to attention, if you please, young man!

Now do you realise that i mean what I say?

She held up the paddle for him to see.

You don’t want another spanking with this do you?

Richard shook his head.

Or maybe even this?

She reached down and picked up her bag, and lifted out a martinet.

This martinet is very useful for telling naughty little children to behave.

Would you like to see how it works?

Richard shook his head this time.

Well, we shall see.

Now, you may get dressed again, and once you have done, I want to to do some work for me.

You will fetch a piece of paper and your crayons and a pencil, and draw a nice bowl of rosey apples for me, and underneath write a few lines telling how healthy apples are.

I shall give you half an hour while I unpack my things.

When I come back, you will have finished, or you will be finding out how martinets spank bare bottoms.

Chloe Mercy

The End

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