The "Very Sorry" Little BoyMature

The rich boy ran and stood in the corner whimpering, he wanted to rub his butt but he was to scared to at the moment. He stood there for a a good few minutes before looking back at Mrs. Travers without speaking just kinda stared at her waiting for her to say something first.

Mrs. Travers would look at the rich boy "Now i really hope you learned your lesson this time, you are to stay there for ten more minutes and do not dare rub your butt or you will get an extra spanking, do you understand me?" she said firmly, the boy broke into tears as he nodded. He stood there as wondering if ten minutes has passed, his legs were getting tired and his butt felt like it was burning then he realized this time the governess never told him to stand she told him to stay so he took the chance to sit on his knees not wanting cause himself pain. "Stand up unless you want another lesson!" she hissed

The boy got back up to his feet and tried to hold onto the wall, thoughts where going through his head, he didn't know why his father would ever let anyone do this to him, he knew that the trouble he cased was bad but it was only to get his parents attention, not to have someone else be there, he wanted them to be around more, to love him, to care for him, he wouldn't be getting into all the trouble he has been if it wasn't for that but no one seemed to understand why he has been acting out, and all he thought was that Mrs. Travers wanted to punish him for everything bad he did.

He took a deep breath sobbing as he leaned his head against the wall "I... i.. im sorry.. i put those apples in your purse.. and hid your paddle.." he said in a shaky voice. Mrs. Travers looked at him and nodded though not like the boy it since he was facing "Its okay, and thats a start, apologizing, now do you see why i did what i did?" she asked, the boy slightly nodded but he he didn't give up there, he had other plans up his sleeve he just knew he had to be more careful of not getting caught and not to do them on Mrs. Travers.

Courtney Liddell Howler Babii (courtneyshadow)

The End

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