No way out!Mature

Mrs. Travers Grabbed Richard by his ear leading him to the straight-backed chair. "So, you want to act like naughty little child? Then that is the way you will be treated." She grins, as she sits in the chair as she begins to lecture. "You have gone far too long unchecked! The staff is frightened of being fired but not any longer. Your Father and I had a long talk, and he has given me full permission to punish you in any way I see fit."

Richard can not believe what he is hearing, there is no way his Father would side with this woman. He attempts to pull away from the woman but is over powered easily. "No, no, you can't do this to me!" He struggles and squirms.

She easily slips his pants and boxers down. "This really needs to be rectified, little boys do not wear boxers!" She states pulling the boy over her lap, She pins his legs with one of her own, and pins his arms behind his back. Her hand sharply hits each of the boys cheeks, alternating back and forth.

Richard, now completely helpless and exposed cries out for help from his servants, no one comes. Soon his crying and blubbering can be heard echoing through the large mansion.

Mrs. Travers watches as the boy now begs to be released from her grasp and decides to finish the spanking. She brings her hand down hard on the tender Sit spots, the pink bottom becoming redder and redder. She watches as the boy kicks off his shorts and boxers. She stands him up and barks, "Go get my paddle right this instant, and don't you dare think about rubbing!"

The boy quickly hops off her lap and runs toward the sink where he hid her paddle. He pulls the paddle out and carries it back over to the woman. Tears are drying on his hot red embarrassed face. He hands her the paddle as she debate on punishing the boy more. She pointed to the corner, " Hands on your head and no rubbing. The boy cried hard as he ran off to the corner.

Chris (CJyo)

The End

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