Lesson not learnedMature

The rich boy got up and looked around the corner. He saw her in the other room talking on the phone. "This is my chance," he thought to himself. He went over to the governess' purse to grab the paddle out. "Now what to do?"

He started to grab a few of the apples he picked up and smashed them with paddle. He decided to smash three of the apples then put the mush he created all over her purse. "This will work just nicely," he said whispered. He looked at the paddle. "Now I just need to hide this, so she can't find it."He looks all over for a place to hide the stupid paddle. He starts to wonder why his dad would make this. The only thing the paddles bring is pain! 

"Ah, there we go," he says as he puts the paddle hidden under the sink. "Hopefully she won't look for it here," he thought. He even threw some rags on top of it just to be safe. Even if she looks under the sink she won't find it unless she digs for it. He picks up the other apples and puts them back in the bowl to make it look like he was cleaning up the whole time. He sits back down and starts to eat one of the apples waiting for Ms. Travers to come back.

The rich boy hears Ms. Travers come back towards the room. He sits up and puts a small grin on his face. "Good job," she starts to say. She starts to think she is getting to him already. Maybe her job will be done faster than both of them think. She looks around for her paddle. "Did you see where I put my paddle, rich boy? I think I missed place it."

The grin on the rich boy's face grows bigger. "Maybe you had put it in your purse," he said pointing towards her purse.

"Why is he acting this way all of a sudden?" she thinks to herself as she heads to purse. She doesn't even have to open it to tell that he did something to it. She opens it slowly to see the smashed apples. "It was too good to be true," she said to herself.

"What was that?" the rich boy asked. He still had that large grin on his face.

"You are about to get it now. I don't need a paddle to teach you a lesson!" the governess said as she walked over to the rich boy. The rich boy's eyes widen as he took a deep gulp. The governess was going to enjoy this.


The End

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