Relearning a Lesson with the GovernessMature

Ms. Travers nodded seeing the problem and quickly took the littles boy's arm and lifted him to his feet and said stern" Didn't we just have a lesson about doing as you have been told young man." The boy glaring as her soon turn into a frown as his governess lead him to the corner swatting his the entire way. He soon yelp and jump to get away as the fire was reignite on his backside. " Stay put young sir." she commanded letting the boy go.

 The little boy did don't move knowing was still behind him and would swat him again if he tried. He sighed staying put not even notice she was no longer behind him. He was now in deep thought of trying to figure out a way to show this new lady that he was still boss.

"Young man." Said the Governess" You may come here now."

The boy walk out the corner and stood in front of her saying nothing arms crosses unhappy that this lady was trying to take over his reign of his kingdom. He was trying to figure out what she was thinking but gave up after awhile.

"Why did I put you in the corner young man." she ask softly but still was stern.

The boy looked around and shrugged" I don't know."

She made him look into her eyes as she said" You got a timeout for throwing a pity patty (tantrum) and for throwing apples at me. Pity Patty will only get you time out or spanked with me young sir, do you understand. Now clean up this mess ?"

The rich boy nodded but thought" Who does this woman think she is taking over my reign of command. I will show her whos boss." He smirked as he finish and hand the apples all pick up. The Governess sighs and shakes her head wondering what was he planning now.

The rich boy was now working on his lesson glancing up once awhile to she what his governess was up to.  The phone rung and she left to answer it. It was time to put the plan into play.


The End

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