Snack timeMature

“Very well. Now please tidy the rest of your room. Make your bed, and pick up your clothes then we can see about getting a snack before we start out lessons for today” She said, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips as she watched the boy start to pick up the rest of his room. Once he was done, Ms. Travers reached down, took Richards hand and guided him towards a table in the corner of his room. “Have a seat Richard” She said softly. “Ummm okay? I guess?” He mumbled as she gingerly sat down on his still sore backside.


A soft knock on the door caused Richard to shift and turn, a small whimper passing his lips as he did so. “Ah yes, thank you for bringing it up. I appreciate it. Have a nice day.” Ms Travers said as she closed the door and turned to face the boy. “Who was that?” he asked, shifting from side to side trying not to stay on his tush too long. “A servant dear boy. She was bringing up a nice snack for you before we begin today's lessons.” She answered, and set the tray of fresh fruit on the table. “Go on, take what you want. It’s good brain food.”


Richard looked at the fruit and turned up his nose. “I don’t want this nasty food. I want cake!” He demanded, his little arms crossing over his chest as he glared at his new governess. “Daddy never makes me eat this stuff, he says I can eat whatever I want!” As he spoke, Richard picked up a shiny red apple and threw it as hard as he could at Ms. Travers. “I want cake! CAKE!” He screamed and picked up more fruit, tossing it throughout his room.

“Young man, you march yourself right over to the corner and put your nose to the wall” Commanded Ms. Travers. Richard shook his head and threw another apple at her. “No! I wont and you cant bloody make me! Daddy would never ever do this to me!” He screamed. The little boys eyes burned with anger as he glared up at her. “Something isn't right...there's something I’m missing..” thought Ms. Travers as she watched his display.

The End

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