todays lesson for the rich boyMature

Well the governer stands behind the young boy and then all of the sudden she put her hand on the young boy shoulder"Richard please stand up it is time for your first lesson on how to behave right. Richard kept on refusing so she said we can do it the easy way or hard way. Richard looked behind him seeing that she had a paddle and was curious why she had it he was getting a little nervious of her tone. He hestatated till she picked him up giving him one good swat on his bottom that quickly got his attention to stay up fast"OWWWWA he replied.So he stood up,she lead him to a chair and then turned to face him" You are to take those pants down and slide those boxers down! she said firmly. Now Richard got a real nervious but decides to listen and slides his pants and underwear down standing in front of her. She sits down in the chair and reaches over to pull Richard over her lap. He gasps seeing the big paddle begging her not to use it. His governer said "Richard tell me why am I going to spank you for? Richard thought really fast and replied cause I wasn't listening to you when you told me to picked things up. The governor  noded and rubs the paddle on his bare bottom raising it up and lands down with a crack on his bare bottom. Richard lets out a huge howl feeling the paddle land hard on his bottom. You will for now on start listening Richard the Governer said. She continues to lands hard wacks. Wacks wack wack wack wack the paddle goes down hard on his bottom Richard starts tearing up feelings tears goes down his face he tries to plead saying he will start listening but she ignores his pleading and continues to paddle his bottom making it crimson red. Richard cries out. Wack wack wack wack goes the paddle. Governor please I will listen for now on Richard said. The governor gives him a few more wacks then stops and pulls him up to a hug I sure hope u listen.

Writen by summerrose4u

The End

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