Time to take chargeMature

Richard's dad looked down at his watch and made his way to the door in a hurry. 

"I will leave Richard to your capable hands Mrs. Travers. I am now late for my next meeting with the head of the board.  Do as Mrs Travers tells you Richard."

He shuts the door behind him leaving Mrs. Travers and Richard alone.  Both looking at each other to see who will speak first. 

"Richard is it?" Mrs. Travers spoke.  "Please put away your toys and we shell begin with today lessons." 

"I will not! I wish to play some more."  Richard turn away from her and continued to play with his toys.

"Hmmm... " Mrs. Travers slowly walk around the room looking at the decorations and trinkets along the walls and an assortment of paddles hung by the door but never seemed to be touched.  

"I see where we will need to start our lessons.  Richard, do you know what your father does for a living?"  

"He works for a paddle factory." Without looking up from his toys 

"Good lad." She places he purse down on a chair and rummages in the bag pulling out a paddle slightly bigger then what is on the wall the baby blue paint has worn away and the handle is almost a smooth from many years of it being part of her lessons.

Do you know why the paddles are made in the factory are for? 

"I do not know but it keeps him busy, since he is always busy i do what i want. "  Still without a care of the woman behind him.

"Well they are to keep little boys and girl behaved and i'm told you have not been well behaved."  She walks up behind the boy with paddle in hand tapping it in the her palm. "so our first lesson will to teach you how to behave and be and respectable youngman."


Siddy Miggle (Siddy.solo) 

The End

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