Chapter 2Mature

Richard, who was playing in his room at the time, paid no attention to it as it was the Butler’s job to answer the door. Like most little boys, Richard had a very active imagination and while he craved attention, he was still able to entertain himself with this imagination at great length with his toys. While he still was curious who the visitor could be, it was not enough to stop his play and for the time, chose to ignore what was happening down stairs. Besides, most adults ignored him anyway, so why should he care about them?

For a while Richard continued to play uninterrupted in his room until he heard someone coming down the hall and then without even knocking, enter his room. The first person the boy noticed was his Dad as he entered his room and then his eyes set on a woman he did not know standing slightly behind his father. Both his and the lady’s eyes locked onto each other, as if they were playing a game of seeing who would blink first. Richard ended up losing this game, if it was one, as he blinked and quickly looked away as if he were ashamed of himself. If he had waited a moment longer though, he would have seen the smile appear on the lady’s lips as she got a glimpse of the spirit in the boy.

“Richard, this is Mrs. Travers.” The boy’s father introduced her as and went on to say, “She will be your new Governess since it appears that you have been too much to handle here for the staff and your mother and myself have been too busy lately to give you the attention you need.”

 Richard looked up at his father as he told him this and back at the lady who was going to be his new Governess and this time studied her more. He noticed her nice smile that she still was showing and couldn’t help but smile back. Richard wasn’t sure if this was going to be a good thing or not but at least she smiled at him and that did help put him at ease somewhat. Still, he figured if he didn’t like her, he could always get his Dad to get rid of her.

“Hello Ma’am.” He said politely as he could.

As the Governess looked at her new charge she continued to smile, it was almost as if she could read his mind!

The End

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