Rich BoyMature

Richard is a rich boy, but is that enough?

He was 8 years old and the only child of the richest family in the world. They lived in a huge mansion that was as big as a town. 

Richards dad produced canes and paddles. Every parent in the country had one. They say that it kept the children well behaved and the parents loved it. 

Richard's mother was a social person. She was never at home. the boy did not know where she was. She was most likely at a party. 

The boy's father was always at the factory, making sure the paddles and canes became better and better 

They were never used on Richard. Once be wanted to light a fire and lit a whole suitcase of money. His mom was at some party and his dad said he was too busy. 

This made Richard cause more and more trouble. No one ever cared. 

That was until a woman rang at the doorbell and told Richard she was his new governess

Passes torch to a new writer 

The End

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