Rhys Franko SelmanMature

Rhys always knew he was different than everyone else. Little did he know, he is one of over 6 million people. Even when he finds out he's not alone... being the only openly gay guy in his high school doesn't make things any easier. With the help of his friends, and a new kid in the school, Can Rhys overcome his school's intolerance?

Ch. 1

            I sit up in my bed and look around the unkempt room. Its blue walls, coated in band and video game posters, wood floors and every other surface covered in clothes, games, controllers and other random junk I have accumulated. Swinging my legs over the edge of my bed, I ruffle my shaggy, black hair and throw on jeans and whatever shirt smells the cleanest.

            I walk into the kitchen and yawn as I look in the fridge for minimum-hassle food. I grumble and start a pot of water on the stove for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Grabbing a Dr. Pepper, I close the fridge and I sit in front of my laptop to play World of Warcraft. I’m the first of my family awake.

            I have 2 brothers. My older brother, Danny is tall and has black hair and green eyes, just like me. He is responsible and everyone likes him. Josh is my twin. He looks nothing like me, however, with his caramel brown hair and baby blue eyes. I used to say he was adopted, or an alien. But he looks like our grandfather on our dad’s side. Dad has black hair, and hazel eyes, while Mum has red hair and green eyes.

            I hear the pot of water bubble furiously. After killing a boar and looting it, I get up and dump the noodles into the water, check the time on the clock and get out the colander, cheese, milk and butter. After eight minutes of more boar slaying, I drain the noodles and then throw all the ingredients into the pot and I stir it over the heat of the cooling-down, electric stove. Once well-stirred, I carry the whole pot to my seat and start eating as I play.

            After an hour or so, I hear mum walking around upstairs. I quickly wash out the empty pot and throw my spoon in the dish washer. Gilligan, my youngest kitty, hops into my lap as I sit back down.

            “Hey, Little Man. How are you today?” He purrs, staring at me with his big green/gold eyes. I scratch his chin and kiss his orange head.

            “I hear a purring kitty!” Mum say as she walks into the kitchen. I smile and hold up Gilly, handing him to her.

The End

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