Time Confusion

Maybe things weren’t as clear as Leigh had thought they had been. In the hotel room with Geoff talking to her and Corby sleeping it all seemed normal. Now Leigh was fighting tears again. She hadn’t meant to yell. She hadn’t meant to call them fictional characters.

All the doubt and self hatred welled up inside her again. Her parents were better off with out her anyway. Just because she no longer needed glasses didn’t make anything better. She still had the buck teeth. Her birth had still cost them a fortune.

The tears leaked out of her eyes. She might as well be the half dead tramp propped up against the wall. Without realizing what she was doing Leigh began to walk away. What did a pixie and a time traveler want with her anyway? Not like she was smart or had any powers of her own.

“Leigh,” Geoff’s voice broke through her thoughts, “where are you going?”

“Nowhere,” she muttered.

Her head dropped and her eyes watched her feet; left foot step, right foot step, repeat. Placing one foot before the other Leigh plodded in a straight line. She walked out of the alley and turned right. Down a block and then left. She didn’t even notice if Geoff or Corby were following her. Didn’t notice if they were calling her.

Left foot, step, right foot step; she went as if controlled by some other source. The city was waking up. Cars were beginning to zoom down the main thoroughfare. Left foot, step, right foot, step; Leigh’s course was now straight. She balanced on the curb, rocking back and forth. A bus barreled down the right hand lane. One step out at the right time and she would be dead; just like she should have been two days ago.


A smile spread upon the lips of the half dead tramp back in the alley.


“I’m sorry ma’am but the only prints we found on the glasses were yours, the girl's and your husband's.” Officer Jacobs pulled the phone from his ear and looked at his partner.

“Crying again?” Hailey asked her eyebrows raised.

Sobbing, he mouthed.

“Look ma’am I am really sorry this is homicide, not missing persons.” His eyes pleaded to his partner for help. Officer Hailey only shrugged. “Look ma’am if it gives you any comfort, no one’s found a body yet so she's quite likely still alive.”

Officer Hailey cringed and gestured for her partner to relinquish the phone.

“Ma’am, ma’am, if you’d just calm down for a moment.” Hailey waited for the sobs to subside. “I’m Officer Hailey, Officer Jacobs' partner.”

There was silence so Hailey continued. “Now Ma’am, all our officers are on the look out for the people you described. The city is big so it may take a while to find anything. Now I know what the crime shows say, but you must understand, you need to stay there at your house. Most of the time these kids come back on their own.”

Hailey paused and there was a muffled affirmative. “Now you find yourself something to do and we’ll do our job. I promise we’ll call you as soon as new information comes in.”

A quiet thanks was all she got before the phone went dead.

“Come back on her own?” Jacobs questioned Hailey.

“Well the woman needed more hope than,” she deepened her voice to mock her partner, “well we haven’t found a body yet.”

Jacobs frowned.

“Hey you heard what they went through to have a child, so late in life too.” Haley shook her head.

“The girl was suicidal. I doubt she’ll come back on her own.” Jacobs grumbled as he turned his head back to the file on his desk. “Why’d we get assigned this one anyway? We’re homicide not missing persons.”

“Who knows,” Hailey muttered, “but I got a feeling it may be homicide if we don’t hurry up.”

The End

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