Corby: Don't Tell Me We're Lost?!

Corby peered down at the drawing that rested gently in Geoff's overly large hands. She jumped off of the bed and shuffled over to the table they both sat at. 

"May I?" Corby asked Leigh, gesturing to the book.

"Of course." she smiled and watched Corby take the book, sitting back on the bed. She flicked through the pages.

It was her, Geoff and Leigh. Her, Geoff, Leigh, her, Geoff, Leigh. Pages and pages of the same thing, Leigh in Geoff's arms along with Corby standing at the side with a stop watch. Frightened, Corby threw the book to the floor and watched their heads snap up.

She stood up and grabbed her bag, putting things inside. Geoff was suddenly next to her. 

"And what do you think you're doing?" he asked, taking her bag.

"I'm going to get some chicken. I'm hungry. You guys want any?" she took her bag back and tucked a piece of her hair behind her small ears. Geoff paused and looked back to Leigh. 

"I am quite hungry..." Leigh encouraged, standing up also. 

"Alright, we'll all go." Geoff insisted, opening the door and walking out ahead. 

They all stumbled around the empty streets, the gentle sunrise peering over the top of the highest buildings in the city. It was approaching morning, and the sky was still at its softest pink. They turned around an alley, hoping to find some 24-hour shopping centre. Only to find a maze of buildings, houses, walls, graffiti. 

"Is that the sixth time i've seen that dustbin? Are we lost?" Leigh questioned. 

"Maybe we should turn back..." Corby insisted, pulling Geoff back to the direction they had just came. 

"What an excellent idea, if only we knew where back was..." Geoff mumbled.

"You mean we're lost?!" Leigh shouted, "Great. Fantastic. I've been kidnapped by two fictional characters from my dream-"

"Hey. I'm not fictional-" Corby growled, interrupting her.

"and now we're stuck in the middle of winding buildings. The only food with us is a bottle of water and some cereal bars." Leigh finished. 

"Well, it could be worse, we could be him." Corby whispered, nodding once to the half dead tramp sitting leant up against a wall with a bottle of alcohol in his hand and a long beard down to his belly button. 

The End

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