Now It's Time To Sleep!

Corby smiled, knowing with utter determination that she would do it. She quickly followed behind Geoff's large steps, excited. She heard a chuckle beside her and looked up.

"What are you grinning about?" Geoff's smiled back at her.

"I have a good feeling about this. I know that we're going to do it." she eyed Leigh carefully and looked at the spot where she went into a shop, "That's where I dropped my shopping bags to stop her." Corby pointed and Geoff nodded.

"Let's keep focused on this for a while." he said, patting her shoulder and keeping his eyes on Leigh. 

"Any minute now." Corby whispered, crossing the road so they were outside a coffee shop. There Leigh stood looking out at the road, ignoring her mother shouting. They quickly walked up behind her, "Now!" Corby screamed, grabbing Leigh's hand and pulling her back.

Geoff lifted her up, covering her mouth and smuggling her into a nearby ally. She screamed and yelled, fighting off of him, but he stubbornly held on tight.

"Geoff, let go!" Corby yelled as he peered at her, letting her jump out of his arms immediately. She stared at them both, fear in her eyes, "We promise not to hurt you." Corby warned, her hands up in surrender, "I'm Corby. This is Geoff. We don't know how to tell you this but-"

"We're different." Geoff interrupted, "We came here to save you. We knew you were going to kill yourself." 

"But how?-"

"We don't have time. Your mother's about to call the police. Please just come with us, trust us." Geoff put out his hand and she looked down at it in fear, gulping. 

"Geoff." Corby warned about the time, taking his hand ready to travel. It wasn't long before it was too late, Geoff had taken Leigh's hand and they were already back at the hotel room, back to this morning. 

They'd made it, but by the time Geoff and Leigh had realised they were there, Corby was asleep on the bed. She knew that it would be a very long sleep. 

The End

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