Ugh, This Was All My Fault...

Corby took a deep breath, flicking through images in her head. 

Leigh getting hit. No too late.

The coffee shop. Too late again.

Walking to the train station. Perfect.

Thinking about the exact area she wanted to be, Corby pushed at the outskirts of her body until pop!

Suddenly she was standing in the city, her hand tightly around Geoff's. She opened her eyes and turned to look at him. 

"Why is one of my feet suddenly cold-"

"Sorry. We'll go back to get your sock later. Come on!" Corby pulled at Geoff's hand lightly, starting to walk to the train station. 

"The train should be one minute late. So we have at least one minute to get there." Geoff mumbled, bending down to Corby's level so she could hear and glancing around cautiously for any watchful eyes. Corby nodded and looked forward, determined. 

Geoff let go of Corby's hand and put it on the small of her back, gently pushing her down the stairs and into the station, and getting prepared incase she fell down them. Once at the bottom, Geoff pulled a ticket out of his pocket. Corby stopped and gasped.

"I've left my ticket in my bag. I dropped my bag in the street when Leigh walked in front of the bus." She banged her forehead with the palm of her hand, "Will we have enough time to buy another one?"

"Let's hope so." Geoff replied as they rushed to the counter where a woman sat. He ran up to her and pulled a dollar out of his back pocket. Corby reached on her tiptoes to look over his shoulder at the woman, "One child's ticket please." he called through the glass. 

Annoyingly, the woman behind the glass decided to take her time, slowly taking the money and getting a ticket for Corby, pushing it under the glass. 

"Enjoy your journey." the woman grumbled.

"Thank you." Geoff took the ticket and they ran to the machine, pushing it in and watching the metal gates open. Corby stumbled along behind him, until she fell, tears welling her eyes. He picked her up, running quickly to the platform. 

"The train is now leaving." An omnipresent voice called throughthe moildy-looking speakers. Geoff let Corby down. 

"No! Wait! Stop!" Corby and Geoff called in unison, running after the tube and banging on the doors with their fists; but it sped off. They both groaned and Geoff slammed his ticket on the floor.

"I'm sorry, this was my fault." Corby groaned.

"No it wasn't, don't make yourself feel bad." Geoff shook his head and they stood silent for a moment, watching the train leave. "Do you think we could time leap again?"

"I don't have enough energy. I have to sleep first." Corby said, irritated.

"Okay, come on we'll get a hotel room."

The End

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