Get Me Out Of This Hospital...Now

Arriving at the hospital, the distraught, plastic-smelling, nausia filled hospital; Corby and Geoff paused just to look at everything.

Nurses and doctors seemed to be running around, waiting on sick patients at hand and foot. And with everything sickeningly white and bright, probably walking in would give you a headache. They both didn't think it was a very pleasant place to be in.

They both slowly began to walk to the morgue, their slippery wet shoes squeeking on the white marble floor. Then, arriving and looking through a window they saw two parents, sobbing into eachothers arms and a body wrapped up in a black zipped-up bag.

Why didn't Corby stop her? Why couldn't she stop her? There we so many questions that needed to be answered right now. But the weight that was being loaded onto her back was crushing her, she had too much on her mind and one day she'd be crumble like a warm, fresh biscuit.

After watching them cry in pain and sorrow continuously, Corby had desided.

"We have to do something." she had her arms folded, and she was frowning at an empty space on the wall.

Geoff shoved his hands in his pockets, "Like what?"

"I don't know but, you're working with the..oh what's the name?-" She pondered, biting her lip.


"That's it, well, I could maybe meet them. We could plan something, organise something?"Corby asked.

"Well whatever we do, I want to make Leigh happy. To get her living again."

Corby and Geoff turned back to the crying family as Corby whispered a quiet, "Me too."

The End

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