Corby: I've Never Seen Anyone Get Hit Before...

Corby stood at the station alone, a bag hanging lightly on her shoulder containing a diary, money in a purse, and a drink. She wasn't dressed to perfection, or anything normal actually, but nevertheless ignored the stares off of high nosed people.

Corby didn't go to school, she jumped to too many time dimensions and never stayed in one place for very long. Although she is rather intellectual, having all the time in the world to learn from books. Corby is a time-leaper, someone with the power to jump from one time and place to another, whether future, past or present.

Corby saw a girl in her dream, a girl called Leigh. That's why she was here. The girl was going to die, and she needed to find her and stop it, before it was too late. Who knows, she might meet someone along the way.

An omnipresent voice filled the long underground station, the voice sounded robotic, too perfect yet still slightly human. Corby looked up as it said:

We apologise for any inconveniences but a body has been jammed under a train at the moment and the next train will be exactly one minute late. Thank-you very much." An irritating, long beep echoed through the station and the voice was gone.

Suddenly, Corby heard a fill of mumbled complaints and curses like, "I'll be late for work!,” and "This is ridiculous, they're so unprofessional!" Corby looked at the people who made the complaints wide-eyed. A body had been jammed under the train and they weren't worrying at all! The only thing they cared about was that they would be one minute late for work, and that they were 'unprofessional' because of it.

How ridiculous. Corby thought, rolling her eyes in shame.

The tube arrived and people wrestled their way through the crowd onto it, fighting for a seat. Corby ran inside as soon as the doors opened and sat down. Then seeing a slow old woman walking in and looking for a seat, stood up and offered it to her. The old woman thanked her and mumbled, "So nice," every minute or so.

Gazing around, Corby caught glance of Leigh standing with her mother, Penelope. She paused and blinked, looking again. It was her, it was really her. She'd found her!

Corby looked up to see a man in a business suit also staring at Leigh uncomfortably. She wasn't looking at Corby or the man and didn't know it either, being herself, she felt invisible compared to others here. Corby could tell.

The tube finally slowed as people scrambled their way off, a man falling down on his way and someone having to help him up.

Corby ran out and up the stairs to the loud, busy city filled with cars and people. Failing at being inconspicuous toward people on the street, but towards Leigh, she was winning. She walked to a stall and began to look at things, watching Leigh pass with her mother. Smiling and handing the woman at the stall some money, the woman thanked her and gave her the dress Corby had looked at in a bag.

The money came from...well at the moment, no-one needed to know.

Then walking to another stall, keeping a close watch on Leigh and making sure she didn't lose her, she bought some jewellery. Smiling at the man at the stall, she walked into a shop that Leigh and her mother had walked into. By then Corby had two bags in her hands, and one already hers on her shoulder.

Corby's eyes popped up above a clothes rack to see Leigh's mother tutting, a price tag in her hand with a large amount of numbers on it. Penelope whispered to Leigh that they would have to find a dress for her somewhere else.

Following them out of the dress shop, Corby accidentally bumped into her, dropping her bags.

“Sorry," Leigh mumbled, handing Corby her bags and running off to follow her mother. They were now at least 15 metres away, where Leigh looked out at the road optimistically.

Leigh began to walk towards it, and Corby dropped her bags on the floor in shock. It was going to happen.

Leigh stood at the edge of a curb, the ends of her shoes poking out of the edge. "Leigh, I wish you wouldn't do that," her mother commented loudly, then turned back to the stall she was looking at.

Suddenly, Leigh lifted her foot, stretching it slowly out onto the road where a bus came towards her. Corby began to run at her, screaming and yelling at people to get out of the way. They cursed at her, and tried to push her back with force.

Her mother turned, "LEIGH!" She screamed in fear.

“NO!" Corby and another voice called, their hands stretched out for her.

The bus hit Leigh at incredible speed, and with a blink that seemed so long, Leigh was laying on the ground in a pool of blood, he mother screaming and crying at her side. Paramedics suddenly arrived without a call, and took her away on a blood-stained sheet.

Penelope continued to cry as they went in an ambulance and were quickly drove away to safety. Corby turned to see a man standing, the business man. But Corby knew he was no business man. He knew about Leigh as much as her.

She tapped his shoulder and he turned, Corby shook with fear and whispered, "You're not-not normal are you?" she asked, uneasily.

He paused, wondering who Corby was, examining her up and down. She examined him also, and noticed he had an ear piece in his ear. "No." He croaked.

And together, watching the many people run away screaming, the man and Corby were left alone staring after the ambulance in shame.

The End

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