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what would you do if the guy you liked for 5 years....walks back into your life...??


What would you do if your high school crush walks back into your life….?? And not just any guy….but the guy you liked for like 5 years of your life….but why would you think about such a thing, when your life is just perfect…!!

Well my life was also perfect and I actually had not thought about that guy for like 2 whole damn years… was a great achievement for me…not until my best friend Sam’s (short for Samantha) wedding plans started taking shape and the guest list was shown to me… (oh and did I mention I was going to be the maid of honor..!!!!!!!!)…anyways as I was saying the guest list was shown to me….and I only saw one name on that list “JOSH”…and the moment I looked up Sam realized that I had not thought of that possibility…possibility of Sam inviting Josh…like me, Sam and Oli (who besides being one of my closest friend is also Sam’s fiancé ) were also friends with Josh…our group included Nicole(that’s me), Josh, Sam, Oli (short for Oliver), Ben(short for Benjamin) and whoever anyone of us were dating….how we formed the group….? I actually don’t know….we all were poles apart still we were one group of people that never fought…Josh was my neighbor…I knew Sam because our families were great friends…Sam literally grew up at my place….so she obviously knew Josh….and Josh her….Benny is my elder bro…Josh, Benny and Oliver(he was a year older than Josh, Benny and Sam) were best buddies…still are best buddies…Sam was also in Josh’s and Benny’s class…so as you see I was the youngest in the group….I was three years younger to Josh, so I never had a chance with Josh, for him I was just his best friends lil’ sister and around the time I was 18 a great friend who understood him perfectly…even before he told me anything…

Sam being my best friend knew how much I liked Josh…(obviously Oli also knew)…but I never had the guts to tell him the truth…But once I was 20 I decided it was time to move on…I guess it was the day we were by the lake….it was both of ours favorite place…and there where I had always imagined he would be telling me how much he loved me instead he was telling how much he loved Kate (the bitchiest girl ever) and how she was different from all the other girls he had dated….that triggered it…In that moment I decided it was time to move on….I moved to London 2 weeks after that…and tried to forget him…I hadn’t been in contact with him since then….

However the wedding day didn’t bring whom I was expecting i.e. Josh but got someone I wasn’t expecting….Christopher (Oli’s cousin), I liked him….a lot…and we started dating and were pretty serious about each other….after that there was no need to think about Josh…he was my past…Chris was my present and will hopefully be my future…there was no need at all to think about Josh…none whatsoever……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End

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