I’m Hopeless at Goodbyes

“Hi, Ella!” I said happily as I greeted her at the church entrance. 

“Hi, Della!” She replied. Due to the fact that my families pew was already full, we decided to sit at the back. As the service progressed, I tried not to think about what would happen later. Before long, the second hymn had begun and Ella, Tilly, my mother and I were making our way to Sunday School. My mum did it, but only a few of us went. Alexia and Bianca are too old for it now. 

Once we were all settled, Ella handed me a necklace. It was half a heart with the word ‘best’ on it. She had the other half, saying ‘friends’. I hugged her, before fastening it around my neck. Today was the last day that I’d see Ella for quite a while, as she would be moving to Paris tomorrow. 

The service and Sunday School had ended and I stood outside with Ella, my sisters and my mother. Ella had said goodbye to my father and now we were waiting for her parents to arrive. When they did, I felt tears stinging my eyes, but I tried to fight them back; I was NOT going to cry! “Goodbye, Della. I’ll email you.” She said, pulling me into a hug. Then, she said goodbye to the others and I waved goodbye to her parents. Fighting the tears became harder and harder as she got into her car and drove away. My sisters looked at me sympathetically, but all I wanted to do was go home. I spent the rest of the day fiddling with my necklace and thinking of Ella. 

The End

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