“Hello girls!” Our Head of Year, Miss Lannery said as Reyna and I walked through the school gates.

“Hello Miss.” We both replied.

“I’m so glad you could come. Just sign here so that we know that you’re in and you can dump your bags in the Sports Hall. Am I right in thinking that you have to leave at 7:15 for the music contest?” She asked. We nodded and followed her down to the Hall and waited to be given a job. This evening was when all the new parents who’s children would be joining us in September came in for an open evening. Reyna and I had been asked to help out, as well as Izzy, Gale and some of our other friends. As parents began arriving, the two of us were sent up to reception where we would collect a group of people and ferry them down to the Sports Hall. Then, we’d go back and get the next lot. How long did this go on for? Lets just say that I now know the way from reception to the Sports Hall very well. When everyone was settled, we stood at the back of the Hall. 

“Welcome everyone! My name is Miss McAlister and these are my two assistants, Della and Reyna.” Miss McAlister said to the room full of parents and children. Once our head teacher had finished her introduction earlier over in the Hall, the visitors had been split into groups and taken by a teacher to a classroom, along with two helpers. As Miss McAlister explained about how the school worked and answered questions, Reyna and I kept checking the time. We had told her that we needed to leave at 7:15 and she said that that was fine. When the time came, she wished us good luck and we made our way to the Sports Hall to collect our things.

Miss Lannery let us get changed in the changing rooms. Once we were done, we ran to A Block where the contest was being held. As we arrived, we spotted our families and sat down next to Rhona. The atmosphere was tense as we watched acts sing and play their instruments on stage. Our friend Polly was fantastic! Then, it was our turn. We had to share two microphones amongst the three of us, which wasn’t helped by the fact that the one that was being shared didn’t work properly. But we sang our hearts out and watched as my sisters cheered loudly and grinned proudly at us. The popular group was good too and surprise, surprise, they got the most cheers.

The winners were about to be announced and we sat nervously as we waited for the results. The solo winner was one of the members of the popular group, the instrumental winners we two pianists and the group winners were the popular people. Rhona, Reyna and I were very disappointed but to be honest, just being in the finals was a huge achievement in itself. Still, it would’ve been nice to win. 

“You should’ve won!” My older sister Alexia exclaimed in the car on the way home.

“I agree.” Said her twin, Bianca. My younger sister Tilly nodded in agreement.

“I don’t mind, really. Just being in the finals was an experience in itself. Although, I do think that Polly should’ve got soloist.” I said.

“I don’t think it was fair that they had more than half of their group members in the finals for solo singing. It should’ve been one or the other.” My mum said. I agreed with her, but there was no use crying over it. They had one and that was that. I was very tired that night when I finally fell asleep.

The End

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