A lot has happened since Clarisse and Gale made up. That day, Gale told me that she and Clarisse no longer liked Saffi. Did they think that she was the root of the problem? She wouldn’t say. This, obviously, upset Saffi, but she was well looked after by my friends and I. Not long after that, Rhona, Reyna and I discovered that we were through to the next round of the singing contest. We got together out next song (Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle) and went to our music teacher. The following week were told we were through to the semi-finals. They would be in front of a paying audience who would be voting: uh-oh. 

The song we chose was The Best Day by Taylor Swift. That Wednesday, we went to our performance. Five acts performed each day and we were not exactly thrilled to find that we were the same day as the popular people. The voting system just turned it into a social contest which would definitely put us at a disadvantage. We still sung our hearts out though. The other group was also good, there was no doubt about it. But the worst part of the whole thing? The microphones didn’t work and the backing music was way too loud. Our friends Izzy, Sylvia and Carlotta said that they could barely hear us, but if we’d sung any louder, we would have been shouting. Besides, the song was meant to be gentle. 

After all the performers had finished, the audience went over to vote. Unsurprisingly, the popular group had loads of votes in seconds, whilst I watched Sylvia loyally place her vote into our (up until then empty) bag. I smiled at her as she came over to me. “Why isn’t anyone guarding the bags?” I asked her. She shrugged. At that moment, a member of the popular group came over and said, “A boy just put all your votes in our bag.” What confused me the most, is that she was grinning. Why on earth was she telling me? But, as I looked over to our vote bag, my heart sunk as I saw she was right: Sylvia’s vote had gone. When I turned around, Sylvia was talking to Miss. I explained the situation to Reyna and Rhona, who stared at me in horror. “That’s odd,” Izzy started, “I could’ve sworn I put a vote in your bag."

Miss wasn’t too happy when she found out what happened. She took the bags off the wall and said something that sounded like, “The votes no longer count.” As I left the hall, Rhona and Reyna came running up to me. “Apparently, they’ve been disqualified!” She said.

“What?! But it might not have even been their fault!” I said. Now, they may have said for that person to move our votes, but there was no need: They were already thrashing us. All it had done was rub our loss in our noses. I sighed. Why did everything have to end in disaster?

In English, people began asking me why I ‘snitched’ on the other group. Truth is, I was being incredibly unhelpful as I stood there in shock. I couldn’t even remember telling Miss. Reyna rescued me by explaining to one of the members of the other group what really happened. “Please don’t blame us.” She said.

“Don’t worry, I don’t.” The girl said. I was relieved and tried to forget about it for the rest of period five.

Today, we had P.E for Focus Friday; again. Argh! I seriously suspect that my school is trying to kill me through physical education. In tutor that morning, Miss announced that all the semi-finalists had to go to Miss at the end of the day to see who was through. So, at three, we went to her classroom, only to discover that she would tell us on Monday morning. The final’s on Wednesday. Thanks Miss...

The End

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